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#8 - Keepit Review


Keepit.com offers a simple online backup service which is well suited to those looking for an easy-to-use online backup service on a budget.

The keepit.com backup system is compatible with Windows (Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7) and Mac OS X (Intel) 10.4, 10.5, and 10.6.  They plan to offer support for Linux at some point in 2010.  The Keepit system does not support mobile devices. Some businesses may be interested in the keepit.com system as it also works with servers, but the lack of other advanced features could leave businesses wanting more.

The keepit.com backup system works like most others via a downloadable client application. Once this is installed to the computer, the application automatically selects the folders which Windows usually stores documents and media to, and sets a schedule to backup these folders.

Unfortunately, keepit.com does not work in real-time. Instead it schedules a backup of your files once a day, which means that if a crash happens half way through a day there is a good chance that you will lose data. You can change the settings to backup more frequently, or on demand.

Security - Keepit Review - Security

The keepit.com system does appear to be secure, with the added bonus that all users control their own encryption key. This is great for security as it means that only you are able to decrypt your files and not even the people at keepit.com will be able to read your data. The issue with this is that you must be careful not to lose your key--if you lose it Keepit says it will take 10 days to restore it.

In addition to this, data is also backed up in two separate geographic locations to protect it should some disaster hit one center.

Before transferring your data over the Internet, it is encrypted using a private encryption key so that no one but you has access.

Price/Value -  Keepit Review - Price/Value

The storage which is offered with keepit.com is unlimited, which is great if you have lots of files to store. At only $4.95 per month for use on one computer, with unlimited storage space, keepit.com is easily one of the least expensive services that we have reviewed.

Keepit.com also offers Keepit Pro, a version for business users with servers and multiple workstations to backup. This option is priced at $3.95 per month for each computer and $0.50 per GB per month. Keepit Pro is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, Server 2000, 2003, and 2008, as well as Mac OS X (Intel) 10.4, 10.5, and 10.6.

A 30-day trial is available for keepit.com and no credit card is needed.

Keepit offers a 30-day money back guarantee, as well.

Ease of Use -  Keepit Review - Ease-of-Use

The initial download of the keepit.com client is straightforward, with instructions given to guide users through the set-up process, and the program itself is quite easy to use.

The keepit.com system allows users to backup more than one file, and automatically earmarks all the files which are usually used by Windows to store media and documents in. It is a simple process to include other files.

The restore process is a little more long-winded than with some of the other systems out there, as the keepit.com application must be restored before you can restore any files. Most of the other systems which we ranked higher in our line-up allow users to access their files via a web browser, but for some reason keepit.com does not offer this option.

Once the application client has been re-installed, it is a relatively simple process to select the particular back-up which you want to restore to your system. This is just a case of selecting on a drop-down menu.

Support -  Keepit Review - Support

The support available with keepit.com is just adequate. The site itself has an e-mail support form, which it claims should be answered within 24-hours, although this is unlikely to be good enough for any business that runs into difficulty and needs immediate resolution.

A phone support number is given, but operates on very limited hours.

The FAQ on the site is also very basic and deals only with sales queries rather than technical issues, so it is unlikely to be of use in a crisis.

Keepit Review 2014 Conclusion 

To compete with the really big dogs, and rank higher in our lineup, Keepit needs to add web browser access, real-time backups, and better support options to its offering.  Keepit.com is likely to benefit home users who simply need to have their hard-drive backed up on a daily basis so that they don’t lose their photos, music and documents in a computer crash. It is less expensive than many other options offering large amounts of storage. However, the lack of advanced features and lack of a strong support options do mean that keepit.com is probably not a very good option for businesses. We would advise business users to check out one of our other recommendations, like iBackup instead.

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